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More and more restaurants are ditching pamphlets and Yellow page ads in favor of marketing on Internet. The reasons are simple:
1. Flexible budgets
2. Transparency and analytics
3. Return on investment

So the question as a restaurant owner is: How you go about marketing on Internet?

Here are a few steps to get you started:
1. Get a website if you don’t have one already. People like knowing about you before spending a family function at your restaurant. Try updating it regularly with what is going on and events/specials to come.
2. Setup a Google places page and optimize it for your speciality keywords like cuisine names or some famous dishes that you serve.
3. Go social! Start a Facebook and twitter page and connect your website with these so that anything you post on your website is pushed automatically to your followers. People like to follow their favorite restaurants.
4. Reward your followers regularly. Give out deals and discount coupons on social channels and your website so people have an incentive to follow you. As a general rule, higher the engagement, higher the chances that they choose you the next time they are planning a school reunion etc.
5. Give great information for free. Many people love to know more about the secrets of your craft so sharing some recipes will really encourage them to follow you and also know more about what they might be eating next time they come to you.
These are some starting points. Do let me know via comments if It helps.


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