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We recently organized a press conference to launch Incredible India Postcards, our brand new mobile postcard app.

The press conference was covered by several journalists from national and local newspapers including Times Of India, Daily Post, The Financial World, Punjab Kesari, Amar Ujala and Aaj Samaj.

The Incredible India Postcards application narrows distances and provides access to a variety of mesmerizing photographs of top tourist destinations in India taken by professionals.

Through this app, a physical postcard with a personalized message can be sent anywhere across the globe. Any picture from the app’s photo store can be used and cropped. App users can also use their own photos from Facebook or their phone’s personal gallery.

Incredible India Postcards AppThe postcards cost Rs. 50 to send within India and Rs. 100 to send abroad.

The royalties generated from the postcards are distributed in a fixed proportion among the three parties: the photographer, the vendor and Click Labs.

Many of the journalists had queries about the unique collaboration and role of the vendors in the working of the app to which CEO Samar Singla replied “Besides the photographers, a set of vendors with distinct QR codes are set up in different tourist places across the country. These vendors not only enhance the sale of postcards, but make it easy for the travellers to just scan the QR code available in their shops and have easy access to making and sending postcards.”

The application, compatible for iOS and Android, can be downloaded for free.


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