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To build awareness and to engage customers, marketers are increasingly using branded mobile games. They can entertain, inform and educate customers through the medium. Unlike other online advertising forms, players are exposed to messaging and brands for times ranging from 3-20 minutes during each playing session.

Branded games can be part of a powerful strategy for engagement and let you harness virality to convey ideas and nurture brand loyalty in the long term. Merging public service messages with gaming leads towards making the world a better place and can be path-breaking. Games can show how to make a change and, therefore, make an impact.

You can showcase your brand through games as these continue to expand your user base. As against paid advertising, a public service campaign or promoting a social cause can help attain a more loyal and longer-lasting consumer base.

The report also provides tips on how to make advergames effective, centered around:

  • Goals and audience
  • Game development
  • User acquisition
  • Marketing the experience
  • Offering incentives

Download now to read more about how to achieve your goals through branded games promoting social causes.


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