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Keep a track of your diet with Ideal Appetite App

Rose, mother of two and owner of Ideal Weight Management, was finding it difficult to balance managing her time, budget and healthy food for herself and her family.

She did not want to make poor choices, like many others do, influenced by the instant-gratification-based and fast-paced culture prevalent in today’s world. But it was something both Rose and her clients were struggling with.

Brainstorming and a Game Plan

Rose was determined to provide healthful meals for her family while sticking to a budget.

She began with a white board hung on a wall where everyone could see it. She would plan ahead at the beginning of every week and write what she was going to cook for each meal in the following 7 days. All she had to do then was to purchase the groceries accordingly and execute the plan.

She advised her clients to follow her lead and do the same. However, an obstacle quickly arose: her clients didn’t know many healthful recipes. That was when a client suggested that she should have a mobile app, which would act as a menu planner, but also contain several recipes approved by Rose, developed specifically for her business.


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