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iBeacon trying a New Part of Retail Mobile StrategiesAccording to Businessweek, iBeacon is the new secret weapon of a retail business. It enhances the location services and is changing the future of mobile marketing, paving the way for a completely new set of mobile apps for businesses based on indoor maps, in-store marketing and precise location information.

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is a new technology introduced by Apple, allowing mobile apps to detect wireless sensors. These wireless sensors are called beacons and they broadcast tiny radio signals around themselves. Smartphones in range of beacons catch the radio signals and offer a precise location service. Through this you can transfer data back and forth between the two devices in contact.

How will iBeacon revolutionize business?

The technology improves digital sales in-store. With iBeacon, retailers can now offer their customers walking directions to the precise location of a product. It can be used to transmit coupons and other offers, updated in real time. The real-time traffic patterns can be tracked to provide special offers to loyal customers.

For example, the beacons installed in the store send radio signals to a customer heading towards that retail store with the store’s app in his smartphone. It enhance the in-store experience of the customer.

Advantages of using iBeacon

  • iBeacon builds up a healthy relationship between retailers and their customers.
  • It keeps a track on the majority of your customers’ shopping patterns.
  • iBeacon allows retailers to offer special discounts to the loyal customers.
  • iBeacon overcomes the challenge of sending the right content to the right customers.
  • It analyzes the traffic patterns, hover zones and provide special offers as per the need of the shopper.
  • iBeacon enhances the location-specific experience.
  • Prior to iBeacon was GPS, which has its own limitations, but iBeacon’s micro-location feature solves this problem.

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