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Case study of the movie guessing game I <3 Movies

Encouraged by 1.5 billion smartphones sold worldwide and 40 million apps downloaded since the app store’s launch in 2008, Garrett Young decided to try his hand at making games for mobile.

Already having 18 years’ experience in making games for PCs and consoles, Garrett wanted to explore mobile consumption patterns, differences in interface and gameplay loops, and new monetization methods. In his opinion, gamers always want a high-quality gaming experience, irrespective of the platform.

An Idea Is Born

At first, Garrett had no clue about the type of game he wanted to make. But he had a well-defined set of priorities to help him narrow down what he wanted to base his game on. The three driving priorities were:

  1. A highly popular genre requiring no prior knowledge for a successful gameplay experience.
  2. Easy-to-learn gameplay.
  3. Reaching the minimum viable product stage quickly with a simple-to-build product that would enable polishing to refine the art and gameplay, releasing the product in the market to get reaction and feedback.

After extensive brainstorming and going by the popularity of Hollywood films, Garrett knew exactly what his game would be based on. Garrett thought it to be the best bet as Hollywood movies have an international appeal with billions of dollars of box office revenues.

Garrett took inspiration from various top-grossing games for his first mobile venture. The multi-player layout was based on Scramble, Ruzzle, and Wordament. The epic Candy Crush Saga provided some monetization tips while Words with Friends and Draw Something gave useful insight on developing a social connection.


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