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HR Management & Payroll Solutions

Automate your HR functions with cloud-based HR solution. One solution for all your HR needs.

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Clock-in and clock-out

  • Type "in" to punch in and "out" to punch out
  • In-app notifications of working hours
  • Off-premises attendance marking
  • Integrated geo-location and facial-recognition feature to avoid false punch in

Attendance Management

Mark attendance with a selfie! Isn't it cool?

Does the biometric sacnning bothers you? Adapt a hassle-free way to mark attendance by simply using your phone Switch to geo-location and facial-recognition powered attendance bot.


  • Auto-generated weekly and monthly timesheets
  • Accurate calculation of work hours assists in payroll computations
  • Saves time by tracking timesheets in a single click

Flexible employee scheduling

  • Employees can request personalized schedule as per availability
  • Working remotely becomes less complicated
  • Work-from home gives more work-life balance
  • Eliminates the traditional 9-5 week
  • Easy shift mangement system

Reporting and analysis

  • Auto generated weekly, monthly and yearly employee reports
  • Managers can easily view individual and team's regularity and punctuality records
  • Helps to analyze resource needs and vacation trends
  • Allows managers to asses the scope and determine the right track of the business

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