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Your love for writing can brings you money. If you write blog for yourself as you enjoy transforming your thoughts artfully in to a piece of interesting readable material. Then you must think beyond boundaries. Blogging can be a good source of earning. Yes,you can earn money by just posting your thoughts in a blog box. If your hobby can brings you money then why not? What is required is to draw more traffic on your post.

Picking the best keywords for your post can make people automatically to go down your post. Now the question is how? Think with the perspective of a reader. What you type in Google box when you want any information?

To make blogs commercial,you have to think beyond the concept of flowery language. If you enjoy reading cuisine blogs,you might be fascinated by the artful language. Quite possible you will also suggest your friend to go through the link . On the other hand if someone wants to search for the best cuisine of a particular place .He will type words like ‘Best cuisines of India’ or ‘Where to enjoy the best cuisine in India.’ One has to be very tricky while choosing keywords for his article.

While writing you must come out of the shell of your thinking to write artfully using flowery language and jargon. You must have to think that simple and direct language can bring traffic to your post. Complicated words repel it. Writing simple and effective is combination of science and art. Some get this skill as God gift some do not. But you need not to worry . There are tools to make your skills fine and fantastic.

The tools which can help you to do keyword research are- GoogleAdwordTools , Wordstream, Wordtracker, SEMRush, and many others. Some are free some are paid. It is up to you to choose one. Not necessarily you will get better keyword concept on paid tools only. But,probably it is true. What you need to do is start somewhere. Search unless you find really crappy and crispy data.Thinking about the Keywords is the first step. Fine tuning is yet to be done.

Once you are clear with the keyword concept ,go through your original write up and edit it. While editing you can come across a few problems like how to focus on keyword keeping the beauty of your piece intact? Striving for keywords is an art. Sometime you focus on making text more interesting to read and get confuse about the use of keywords without ruining the beauty of the text. Here what can help you is keyword tool.

Many bloggers use these tools to make their blogs heavily commercial. For example ‘Scribe’ is the favorite tool of Michael Gray, a commercial blogger. Michael is using this product continuously for more than a year for commercial blogs and making ample amount of money. He bets that one can make a lot money using scribe. scribe also offers 30 day free trial. So, you will have have the idea how it works and how useful it is.

While choosing keywords you need to be tricky. You can either think of powerful words on your own on can search them. There are too many tools available which assists you in analyzing the content and choosing the best keywords. If you can pay then there are tools such as ‘scribe’ which helps you finding the most suitable keywords or else you can also opt for the tools which are free of cost. Many a times paid tools give you free trial.

The paid tools for key words can also benefits. If someone go through the link suggested by you , you will get credits .Not only crafting a written piece lovingly matters,what matters is a click to get an idea to go commercial by paying negligible amount . You can make your piece striving and interesting.

Keyword focus, using common language, and being easy to read and comprehend can brings you a lot of money and make you rich if you considered at all.


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