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Once upon a time there were customers who came running after the new products and companies. The times have changed, now the companies have to run after their customers initially, who are hidden somewhere in the social network web. It is not an easy task to find customers in this digital world and lure them to be your customer.

So here are some tips that will help you find the kind of customers you want for your online business:

Ways to find customers on social networking sites

1) Seek latest data : Finding the latest data is very essential. This will give you an idea that which type of companies attract which type of customers. For example, research tells that users spend 16% to 25% of their time on social outlets. And this is a trend that keeps on increasing in volume and percentage of time invested.

2) Find latest demographics : There are plenty of demographics available online. But try to seek only the latest ones. You will then be able to have a look at the age, gender, income, education of the users. For example, demographics tells you that 71% males use Google+ and 82% females use Pinterest. So here with the help of some important data you can invest wisely according to the business he/she is running.

3) Keep an eye on the changes : Keep your senses open for all kinds of changes happening online. This is a good way to monitor new businesses, competition and customers.

4) Ask prospects about their online presence : Go for surveys, polls and other related tools, to know your customers better. This will you in giving an idea whether he/she is the correct prospect you are seeking for or it can also help you in finding out their interests.

5) Do a detailed market research : Market research will brief you about your competitors? What is unique about their company? Are the companies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Are they using social media to expand their business? Do they have followers? You can start your own business trend online or try to do similar activities like your competitors are doing. All can be done easily if you keenly observe your competitors.

6) Go wherever the customers go : Your mere online presence does not guarantee you to gain customers. It is important to keep a track of your customers behavior, their pattern of usage and where do the gather.

The above mentioned tips will help you gain online customers as per your business. So start socializing more, gain more customers and keep them engaged, as social media can really do wonders for your business!


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