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To the tips I am going to reveal I won’t add the point that says it is important to provide your customers with fresh content. Reason, the importance of fresh content has been emphasized time and again.


The one tip to create content that I just gave you plus the other 10 tips that follow will help you engage with your prospective clients and bring them on to the verge of ‘sold’.


Tip 1. Know Your Target Audience

Obviously, the target audience will be the people whom you expect to turn into leads at some point of time. But do you really know them?


Who are they-families, couples or youth? What kind of products your target audience searches online? Why do they visit your website?


Answers to these questions are important as they will help you take the right approach towards content creation. You will know what exactly grabs their attention online and based on that you can set your sales pitch right. And this can eventually mean a sale. So, create content that answers the queries of your customers.


Tip2. Create Useful Content

If you are an online business you might be aware of the recent Google Panda Search Algorithm update. If you are not, let me brief you. Google’s Panda update is intended to rank those websites higher in its search results which create content that is original and useful compared to those websites whose content lacks substance or has been duplicated from some other online source. So it is important that the content should be interesting and helpful in making an informed purchase.


The content you produce should have specific use for your customers and it should direct them to take an action.


Tip3. Call to Action

If we talk about sales and marketing, good content that does not prompt prospective customers to take an action is useless because you defied the purpose. So you not only have to write engaging content but also divulge information that prompts them to make a purchase on your website.


The quality of content is to be determined not only by the amount of traffic and links it generates but by the number of sales/conversions it generates as well. Always create content that leads the customers to take the action that you want.


Tip4. Be Authoritative

Your website is the showcase of your expertise in a specific niche. Take this as an opportunity to ascertain your authority in the community that belongs to that field. Taking this approach will lead to improved content quality, will add credibility to your website, engage users and reassure customers that they have made the purchase from the experts in the industry. And yes, it is also the way you brand your business by being an authority.


Tip5. Focus and Structure of the Content are Crucial

How your web page looks to the buyer is something that is crucial to generate sales from the content. Include headings that are SEO friendly, add images and videos to make it more engaging. Creating huge text walls are a big turn off, so ensure that you break the content into bullet points.


Tip6. Plan and then Execute

There may be conferences, some events or other occasions that you can use to hook users and persuade them to your site. So take out some time to plan your content for these events rather than rushing about it just a day before the event. Planning your content would mean that you have got time to add images, videos and or infographics to the content. Going this way your site may also go viral when the event or the occasion hits.


Tip7. Encouraging Interaction is Essential

You may have written compelling content or have some of the best products on your store but if you are not giving customers a window to interact, you may be at the losing end in the long run.  Give your customers an opportunity to leave reviews or write comments about your article.


 Tip8. Go Visual

Like I said earlier, wall of text is sometimes a big turn off for customers. So you can spice up your content with relevant images, videos, infographics and illustrations.


Tip9. Use Analytics

If your website is already up and running then analytics can provide you the information that you may need to tweak your content strategy. Analytics will make you aware which pages are generating more organic traffic and which are not. Articles generating traffic will indicate that you have been able to put across the right content for the audience.  Analyze the factors that may be behind these pages and try to inculcate those factors while tweaking other content pages of your website. And also while writing further content for your site.


Tip10. Last but not the least are the Keywords

You must be wondering why the hell I haven’t talked about the keywords yet. So here is my insight about the power of keywords. Effective use of keywords is crucial for your content to be seen on any search engine. Simply, if you are not seen you are not sold. And that is, the power of keywords, they give visibility to your content.


Quality content and keywords go hand in hand. More quality content means that there are more keywords you can attempt to rank for. Write dedicated landing pages for some topics such as hotels, city guides, etc.  This will give you an opportunity to rank for related keywords. Create content infused with keywords to gain visibility and showcase your expertise.


Follow these simple tips to write content that generates revenue and rise above the competition.


Good Luck!



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