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Have you ever wondered why you lag behind every time you think now-is-the-time-for-me-to-rank-first? Your competitors remain one step ahead of you whatsoever you do to make your SEO rank excellent. Well, if you rewind back to the day you actually started your website, you will know that there were some mistakes that had been committed and that today are resulting in poor performance of your SEO.

But hey, don’t worry because there is still plenty of time to accomplish your aim. Here are some tips which will help you improve your SEO performance and will give you a brief  account on how you can analyse your SEO competitors :

How to analyse your SEO competitors

How to analyse your SEO competitors

1) Know your competition:  It was very important to know who your competitors are. Unless you are not aware of them, you can not improve your SEO performance. So start hunting for competitors websites. Don’t limit yourself to these websites, there are certain other things that need to taken care of. As a matter of fact, sometimes it gets really tough to find these websites because they can be anywhere, doing anything and having a totally different name. So try to find the sites in your niche, sites that rank well for your major keywords or direct competitors for your long keywords etc.

Make a list of your competitors and search for their target keywords. Then come up with a list of top 10 sites that fall into your targeted keywords. These top 10 would be your leading competitors.

2) Check their websites and analyse it: It is quite important to check your competitors websites as it will give an idea why they are leading. Look out for the kind of content they are adding to their website. See if their site is designed professionally and find out if they use static or dynamic URL’s. This will give a some information about your competitors web presence and how much they are effective.

3) Check competitors backlinks: Backlinks are very important. Hence it becomes a necessity to check the backlinks of your competitors. Check out the number of backlinks they have, the anchor text they are attached to, where they are coming from or any other kind of information would definitely help.

4) Find their social media presence:  With Social media’s popularity at its peak, it has become an essential source of directing web traffic to your websites. Hence try to look out for your competitors social media presence. Find out what they are posting and how it is helping them to improve their online presence. Some of the popular social sites to look for are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

5) Find out if they are using PPC ads: It is found by many businesses that directing web traffic through PPC is much more cheaper than optimizing to improve your rank on search results. There are certain tools available online, where can compare your PPC  campaign with your competitors campaign. The results can really be beneficial.

The above mentioned points are really time consuming. Since you want to remain in the competition, you need to some take time out to perform this analysis. Don’t get disheartened if you can not level your competitors. At least you will learn a lot through this analysis, which will surely help you improve you SEO rank!


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