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The social media bug has bitten…and bitten hard!! People around the globe are updating statuses, posting pictures or videos, blogging, tweeting, following, sharing, commenting, liking…just about anything to stay connected with the social scene. Yes, it’s true; social networking has changed the way we live & communicate today!!
As of right now, celebrities from all walks of life & all corners of the world are using social media for public relations. So their audience is far more widespread than the not-so-famous. The statements they make online can have a positive change, take for example President Barack Obama’s online campaigns which have made him ‘the 1st social media president’; or on the other hand, it could result in a lawsuit like what happened because of Courtney Love defamatory tweets. But whether good, bad or ugly, it still gets people talking about the celebrity…and isn’t that what PR is all about?!?
Celebrities mostly like to use social networks to connect with their fans & followers, since they get a chance to bypass the media middle-man & make a personal, intimate connection with their fans. They share updates, photos and videos, being a very simple & superb way to promote their latest campaign, or music/ movie releases, or maybe even for the social causes that they support.
One of the very early Twitter users, when Twitter was actually made fun of in late-night talk-shows, is Ashton Kutcher. He was among the first to discover Twitter as a means to communicate with his fans, and so, has more technical-know-how than most other Hollywood stars. He is one of the few celebrities to be active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.
Social networking has outstanding marketing potential to promote movies, television & music. Just recently, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan made optimum use of social media platforms like Twitter, Google+ & Facebook to promote his movie Ra.One, which is one of the most expensive Bollywood films made so far. He used a first-of-its-kind promotional idea for this movie, where fans got a chance for a Live Chat with Shah Rukh Khan through Google+ Hangout.


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