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How can Warehouse Management System help your business?

Earlier small businesses catered to local customers. Warehouse management was not a concern back in the day. They could monitor the inventory and invoices using spreadsheets and paper. With the advent of omnichannel customers and a customer-centric business model, businesses are now competing to stay on top of the game. The priority shifted to maintaining the right level of inventory at all warehouses. On-demand delivery or delivery within a day has caught businesses in crossfire to meet the demand. As a result, warehouse management is a prerequisite to maintain supply and demand.

Some of the salient features of Warehouse Management System are:

1. Real-time tracking of inventory:

     A Warehouse Management System helps in

  1. Generating serial numbers or the batch number for inventory
  2. Printing labels and barcodes
  3. Scanning the barcode of the inventory

With the help of serial numbers and barcodes, you can track the inventory in real time. As a result, the Warehouse Management System increases the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse and its employees.

2. Centralized control point for all warehouses:
Businesses have warehouses spread out in multiple locations. It becomes tedious to monitor and access inventory-related information.
With a Warehouse Management System, one can access sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and stock level on the go.

3. User-friendly mobile apps:
Monitoring inventory and processing bills and invoices become mundane and cause employees to make errors.
Warehouse Management System eliminates mundane tasks with its mobile-friendly applications. The app streamlines all everyday operations like picking, dispatching, and invoices. Hence, there is optimal utilization of resources and elimination of human error.

4. Eco-friendly inventory transfer:
Processing invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders are tiresome. A few decades ago, there would be heaps of paper to be managed. Nowadays, the Warehouse Management System eliminates the need for paper. Transfer of inventory from one location to another is no longer cumbersome. Purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices can be shared on the go.

Let us take a scenario where you have to move inventory from warehouse A to warehouse B. All you need to do is scan the barcode of the items or mention the batch number and input the location. You will receive notifications to track the inventory also.

To summarise, the Warehouse Management System helps you in resource optimization, stock optimization, and distribution management.

Click here to know more about WMS.


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