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A new research by mashable indicates that the smartphone users in the world outnumber the basic phone users and about 100 million Americans rely on iPhone, Android or Blackberry to move on with their day. It’s not a surprise that people are yearning to get more and more of their work done on their smart phones.

Cities around the globe are exploring mobile applications as an easy and convenient way to disseminate information to the general public. Mobile apps are not only accessible and portable to use for residents and tourists alike to access information, and in some cases provide information in a more timely manner.

These city council apps are not just for civil services — cities are adopting mobile apps to highlight their own civic culture and to promote community action among its residents.

mobile apps for city councils

Benefits Which The City Council Apps Offer

How can city council mobile apps help citizens? Here  are some benefits which help the city grow in the right way:

  • Citizens can report civic issues/complaints like graffiti, potholes, damage to the public property etc through the app.
  • It can also be an easy way to pay electricity and other utility bills.
  • Find the contact details of emergency services like ambulances, police stations, women security helplines etc . It could also prove a great help in knowing the directions to offices and residences of important personalities.
  • Post jobs and even browse different job openings available in the area.
  • Push notifications and reminders about the local news and events happening in the vicinity.
  • Promote the place and give the tourists as well as the locals a platform to share their experiences about the attractive and historical places in the city.

Empowering Councillors And General Public
A mobile app makes the work easy for both the councillors and the locals. Where on one hand, the city council can tailor its services as per the need of its residents, the general public can keep itself updated about the city they are staying in.

The city’s civic authorities can provide services more effectively and can reach their public in many new ways. These apps act as a reliable communication system between the authorities and the locals, thereby, strengthening their relationship and making life in the city easy.

Does your city have an app? What do you like most about it? And if you don’t have one, reach out to us and we will partner with your city to make one!


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