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Whether it has crossed your mind or not, Human Resources, once in a while, throttles your company’s growth. There is no doubt that the HR department has to deal with a lot, right from employee requests and queries to their day-to-day tasks.

And, any problem in human resource management will not only slow down your employees’ productivity, but also their morale and in return prevent business growth. However, this can be avoided just by knowing a few key challenges for HR, prior, before they end up turning into a sticky wicket.

Here are some of the biggest challenges an HR faces:

1. Recruitment

The foremost challenge for a recruiter is to attract and find the perfect candidates among thousands of candidates. The causes could be an unclear job description, inefficient hiring process, or lack of skills among the candidates. Hand-in-hand, HR  also needs to balance the speed and quality of hire. 

These roadblocks can be countered by effective usage of ATS and Kanban Boards.

2. Employee Training and Development

The HR teams are responsible if the growing number of employees fail to fit in their jobs. They need to make sure that the employees’ skills are evaluated and performance gaps are accurately measured. 

Certain training programs should be designed and implemented which not only ensure development opportunities for all employees so that they get best suited for their jobs but also prove advantageous for the company as a whole.

3. Employee Retention and Productivity

There is no doubt that employees are the oxygen of every company and therefore, it is of utmost importance to retain the best talents by acknowledging their performance time-to-time and improve their efficiency without hindering their job satisfaction. 

Also, it is the responsibility of HR to ensure employees’ productivity isn’t affected due to absenteeism and if so, methods like work-from-home can be implemented.  

4. Payroll Error

Payroll errors are another common HR knot. Maintaining hundreds of papers and spreadsheets, and entering payroll information manually always create a room for human errors. This might result in decreased employee morale. 

By deploying an effective payroll processing system, this problem can be unraveled.

5. Employee Queries and Requests

HR managers, likely, deal with numerous queries and requests in a single day. This could include queries regarding leaves, vacations, paychecks, shifts, etc. 

Imagine no employee coming at your door, knocking and uttering the same, redundant problems over and over again. All you have to do is to give your employees access to self employee portal and let them view and schedule their leaves, check their payslips, and post their queries and requests.

It is important to know common HR issues so that efficient measures can be taken to put everything in apt places. Understanding the complexities of all HR areas will help you stay ahead of the competition and meet business goals. Challenges for HR professionals are never-ending but they can definitely be narrowed down using human resource management skills and software

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