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Wishing you and your family a very happy and delightful Deepavali. May the festivity of this auspicious day brings success and prosperity to your life. And God bless you with good health, wealth and  luck.

Diwali at Click Labs 1

Click Labs celebrated Diwali 2014 with full enthusiasm and high spirits. The entire office was decorated with lights and smiles of Clickers. We used this opportunity to switch-on the traditional side of us, and embellished the already vibrant ambience with colors and candles. Even though we take pride in calling ourselves tech-geeks, the day of Diwali Party was exclusively reserved for being called the ‘Incredibly Indian’. We laughed, we danced, we played, we prayed, we promised, we cheered. On Diwali Party, we came together as a family and shared some of the most memorable moments with each other.

Diwali at Click Labs 2Diwali at Click Labs 3


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