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HackCL starts today! Our first hackathon. Excited to see some great ideas come to life in the next two days. Will update this post with pictures, videos and hopefully some links to working demos of the products built.


2nd May 2014; 8:30 pm

Hey All, We are kickstarting HackCL right NOW. Join us as we welcome 9 amazingly talented and super excited teams. They are overflowing with ideas and inspiration, and we can just feel the burning fire in them.

Stay tuned as we will keep updating you with all the thrilling and mind blowing details of HackCL for the next 48 hours.


3rd May 2014; 10:45 am

Are these Programmers awesome or what? They are still glued to their screens, working hard with intense concentration to come up with something unique and innovative.

Where team ‘Wall Street Developers’ is trying to crack Uber’s secret ingredient, team ‘Bless Up’ is making an anonymous social networking app for secret admirers. Besides, team ‘The Game Changers’ has come up with an incredible audio game app ‘Audiosurf’ (and I can’t wait to try my hands on it).

Team ‘Code Smart’ wants to explore the possibilities of pop-ups, instead of notifications, in social networking sites. And team ‘V.A.R.’ is working on their app Automatic Attendance and Pay Calculator for HR department. How cool is that !!

We are super excited to see how these teams will turn their ideas into actual working mobile apps. Stay tuned for more news and updates….

Click Labs hackathon                 Teams at Hackathon by Clicklabs



4th May, 2014; 1:30 pm

With loads of free catered food and gallons of energy drinks flowing in, red-eyed coders and designers have made these gadgets their world. All they know is to make their product the best among the lot. 

Where on one hand, the team “untitled” is busy testing the reflexes of their devices to make a responsive game, the flash drill. On the other hand team “zero games” is hacking their way to win the event with their glow ball bouncing hurdle game.

Have you ever wondered how many moons does Jupiter has or what’s the temperature there on mars, don’t fret, team “Hubble’s” informative app is in the making, watchout! 

With a fun environment, codes and designs flying in every corner HackCL is all set to bring out some amazing and incredible apps.

Watch out guys… you will be hooked, lined and sinker !


Click Labs hosted its first Hackathon


44th May 2014; 6:30 pm

OMG just 2 hours left!!

Who is going to win the race? Who will not be able to make it? We all are dying with anticipation.

Honestly, for me, they all are the winners. Working on creating something different and unique, in just 48 hours, is simply brave and extraordinary. How can I not be proud of these guys?

Come on guys…you can do it !!!

Day two HackCL


4th May 2014; 8:30 pm

And the time is UP!!

It is time to make submissions and wait with fingers crossed. Then tomorrow, each team will be asked to present their ideas in front of the whole Click Labs family and the winners will be decided through votes.

I am super thrilled to checkout all the apps and hand pick the best from the rest. The winning team will get Rs. 45,000 gift vouchers and in-house HackCL Champs recognition.

Before we end the night, SHOUTOUT for all the 9 teams for their high spirits and determination.

We’ll be BACK with results soon…


6th May 2014; 3:00 pm

Presentation of apps at HackCL

In front of the whole Click Labs family, all teams gave a 5 minutes presentation on their respective mobile app. They discussed about the functions, features and utilization of the app for its users, and how their app was the best among the lot.

That was followed by demo session, when the entire office busied themselves with trying those apps. Where game apps like Audio-Surf, Flash Drill and Glow Ball Bounce were gaining fans in no time; Empspot, an app for attendance and payroll calculation, impressed our HR department. Social media apps, Surprize-Me and Bless Up, were welcomed with open arms. Taxi app, Taxifyd, gained immense appreciation from peers and seniors. Lastly, the 3D effects of Hubble-Eye left us speechless, made us feel like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

Now the voting will start in just few minutes. Let’s see which team wins the title of ‘HackCL Champs’.




6th May 2014; 6:30 pm


(Drum’s Rolling)

Team ” THE UNTITLED” – Iqbal, Sanchit and Dharmendra, whose game the Flash Drill was not only loved by everyone but its coding and designing techniques wooed the management too.

Untitled wins the HackCL


CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! You truly deserve the win.


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