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#HackCL- Click Labs’ Hackathon 2015

(12th February 2015, 11:00 am)

Remember how Click Labs conducted a Hackathon in May 2014, and it was a great success?

Well this time, it is even more fun and exciting!

Our CEO, Samar Singla, surprised (or rather shocked!) our new Trainees by announcing an impromptu HackCL, Click Labs’ in-house hackathon which is organized for iOS, Android and Web Interns. Since then, a mademoiselles and monsieurs’ have turned into ‘tech geeks and aficionados’ in less than 12 hours. And office calm has been replaced by electrifying chaos.

Stay tuned and keep checking this space to know more about the teams and what they are up to….

HackCL 2015 pic1


(12th February 2015, 4:00 pm)

We have almost reached the half-time, and the energy and zeal of 4 HackCL teams is infecting the entire office. All of us are quite eager to see the end products which these geniuses are working on.

But before that, let’s meet the teams!

Team Fox

“Our app Fox Meals, which is a clone of Tiny Owl, will allow a Customer to search for restaurants and order food.  Simultaneously, the food vendor will receive orders and make delivery accordingly”.

HeckCL Team Fox

Team Minions

“Our app Quick Meals is an On Demand Food Delivery app like Munchery and Bite Kite, which will enable customers to order food, which will be delivered at their doorstep.”

HeckCL Team Minions

Team Spartans

“Our app’s name is ‘PROS’.  It will allow Users to enjoy On-demand services like house cleaning, plumbing, electricians, etc. at their doorstep. A user will be given options to choose from different types of service, and he or she can also schedule it for one time, weekly or monthly.

Service Provider will update the User about the personnel who will provide the service and about his whereabouts. We will include various payment options like credit card, cash on delivery etc.

This app will be made available on Android and iOS.”

HeckCL Team Spartans

Team Under-Construction

“Our app’s name is “FATAFAT”. It is a grocery store ‘on demand’ app. It will allow a User to order grocery items, as per their requirements, from the nearby stores available.

After the login and registration, a User can select grocery items from the available catalogue to place an order. Later, the grocery will be delivered to his orher place. We will include various payment options like credit card, cash on delivery etc. We will try to add a portal for customised orders where the user can simply write down his or her requirements like item name and quantity etc. hence saving himself or herself some time.”

HeckCL Team Under Construction


(13th February 2015, 10:30 am)

I am still yawning and hungrily gulping down my morning coffee. But HackCL Teams are up and running at the speed of light. The excitement and craze to ace the competition is visible on their faces. With time ticking and Click Labs running out of coffee and tea, we wish the odds be ever in their favor!

HackCL 2015


(13th February 2015, 6:30 pm)

And the time is up!! We are officially closing HackCL 2015 now. All the teams have submitted their projects and our Jury has now put on their glasses to scrutinize each and every app. Cross your fingers, because they will not let pass even a tiny error.


(16th February 2015, 6:30 pm)

The results are here!

The Winners of HackCL 2015 are (*drums rolling*)…


Congratulations, guys. Your app PROS truly deserves a round of applause.


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