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Internet-connected eye-glasses, driverless cars and elevators to take you into the space; No you are not dreaming: welcome to the Google X lab, lining up unbelievable projects to make them become real.

On the 27th of June, the first day of the I/O Developer Conference, Google introduced the Smart Glasses, an internet connected wearable computer. This super-innovation was unleashed with a top-notch performance of ski-divers wearing the glasses and capturing the entire experience. All people present in the conference hall could see the flight, as the divers landed on the roof of the building.

Created using the newest technology, the gadget can take pictures, explore the web, find directions, receive text messages and video chat on the move. Goose skin? You haven’t heard anything yet! You won’t get to see the world through these glasses any time soon as they will be available to the public only by 2014.

Mean while Google will open the sales next year for US programmers only. Access to the gadget will cost $1,500 and will give developers the opportunity to improve it and modify it.

Are these glasses good news for the world? As usual, everything comes with its pros and cons: with glasses like these, there will be “no time to stand and stare” at the beauty of the world around, multitasking all day long will most likely shorten the attention span drastically and everyone will be capturing everyone else’s private moments. Bye bye privacy? There is a thin line between physical and virtual world and with the arrival of the smart glasses the line is likely to blur.

Looking at the bright side, the glasses will enhance people’s reflexes as well. The display on the glasses’ computer appears as a small rectangular on a rim above the right eye. They can indulge in numerous activities on the move while remaining engaged with the people around. And the glasses are certainly a grace for players and adventurers since they can capture everything as they experience it, without spoiling the sport.

If you’ve got an app idea for Google Glass and searching for the best Internet of things app development company for your project, then you are at the Right Place! Click Labs can help you build your own unique custom IOT apps for Google Glass and stay ahead of the wearable technology game. Just Get In Touch to know more.


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