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Google introduced its social-networking product, Google+ (Read as Google Plus), last June, striving to keep users on its site for a long period to give a boost to its ad revenue. According to the statement, publicized last month, the total number of users of Google+ is 90 million, which is more than double the number of users in October. Still, Facebook’s 845 million-plus members dwarf its user base.


Google+ Users Spend Less Time on Site


However, an Internet audience measurement and market research firm, ComScore Inc., comes with an output which definitely a shocking news for Google Inc. According to the research done by the firm, Google+ users spend less time on site. The average time spent by a US user on Google+ is only 3.3 minutes in January. The worst thing is not this small amount of average time spent on the site but the declination occurring in this concern is more horrible for the Internet giant.  The average amount of time spent on Google Inc.’s social network declined from 4.8 per minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November.

On the other hand, its main rival, Facebook, is far ahead of it in terms of usage hours. Research shows that the average time spent by users on Facebook is about 7-1/2 hours in January, more by ½ an hour in December.

The only area where Google shows some progress is Display Advertising. However, the leader is again Facebook. According to an article published in The Times of India, It is assumed that the Google will share 19.8% of the industry generating $3.68 billion from ad sales.


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