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Google announced to invest $75 million into a fund with Clean Power Finance Inc. To help install solar panels for up to 3,000 homeowners. San Francisco based Clean Power Finance Inc. Allows solar power installers to partner with investors such as Google in order to provide solar electricity systems to homeowners without requiring much upfront expense.

It is the second largest investment Google has made in residential solar energy after giant set up of $280 million fund with Solar City Corp in June.

Earlier this month, Google openly released that in 2010 its data centers used 2.26 million megawatt hours of electricity. Following Google’s recent release of its energy consumption, the search giant has emphasized that it has maintained a carbon neutral footprints since 2007.

Google has invested over $850 million in clean, renewable energy technology and funded various projects that focus on removing harmful green house gases. Although it is unable to use renewable energy for its high consumption data centers, the recent move to fund solar technology reflects Google’s long-term commitment to a greener planet.


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