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Google Glass is the most anticipated wearable device  in the mobile computing industry. Announced in 2012, it can stream activities like aerial acrobatics, bicycle flips etc. live to the world.Click Labs a new pit stop for google glass apps

Google Glass is a device that sits on your face just like a pair of glasses without lenses. There is a tiny screen in front of the right eye which displays the results of all the voice commands  given by you. With Google Glass you can search the web, take pictures, record videos, read text messages and mails. The device was earlier available only to the developers but will be made accessible to the general public by the first quarter of 2014.

Glassware developers, keeping in mind the limitations and advantages of Google Glass, have developed several consumer applications but are still to make the presence of the device felt in the business world. Here’s what the most anticipated gadget has in-store for the enterprises.


Google Glass: Its Advantages For Business

google glass retail apps 1. Geofencing For Retail Sector:

Google Glass is an another device by which retailers can send mobile coupons to their customers. When the customers will enter the area around the shopping stores, retailers will be able to coincide their coupons with specific loyalty program to gain more business. The device already has several shopping apps in making that scan barcodes to check the prices and reviews of the products.

2. Revolutionizing Higher Education:

The education sector has begun experimenting, developing and implementing Google Glass applications in their curriculum. These apps will make teaching more focused and interactive both for the teachers and students.

Special apps for students with disabilities will make learning easy for them. For example, Glass can transcript the whole lecture by the teacher into a visual clipping for the deaf students. Recording lectures, live streaming them for remote access, taking audio-notes and supplementing lectures with relevant data are just few of its benefits.


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