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Google Chrome made history by becoming world’s most widely used web browser ahead of Microsoft Internet Explorer for one full week.

Stat Counter reported the Chrome experienced an unprecedented week long  surge in the number of users in the week that started on May 14 and ended on May 20.

Google Chrome achieved maximum traffic from South America and Asia, making it the World’s No.1 Web Browser for one complete week. However, Internet Explorer along with Mozilla Firefox are still the most popular web browsers in North America and Europe.

Chrome was able to gain a lead of 8 percent over Firefox in India. Firefox is the second most preferred web browser in India.

It is not that the Google Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer in terms of number of users for the first time. It has done so in the past as well but it had happened on the weekends and the surge in the traffic used to be brief. It has happened first time in the history that Chrome has been able to maintain its supremacy for full one week. But there still seems to be a long way ahead for Chrome to become all time favorite among users like the way Internet Explorer is.

Findings of the Stat Counter as reported are based on in depth analysis of 3 million websites. The company has said to have been analyzing close to 15 billion web page views each month.


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