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Oncoming of Google Adwords for video means that the realm of video advertising will be now in the hands of small business owners. Google is determined to make video advertising  not only easily available but also easily affordable and measurable .


Adwords for video will integrate the video campaigns into the Adwords dashboard.  And this is the place where the advertisers bid and manage their campaigns as well.  So the video campaigns will be basically just like any other campaign and the small business owners should not be scared of it. And if your business is already visible on Youtube then Adwords for video can take it to the next level.  Google Adwords for video will allow you to purchase TrueView ad units. You can utilize them to promote your business on YouTube alongside the search results and the display network of your company.


Sources at Google said that the program was in the making for past two years. The program was in beta testing with select advertisers since September last year . Today is the official launch of the Google Adwords for Video and the program will be available for everyone.


Google will be looking to monetize Youtube with Adwords for videos. However, Group Product Manager Baljeet Singh said that “There’s a set of videos that are monetizable” ….. “Clearly, with more demand, that’s going to imply that more of those videos … are going to be monetized. But it won’t change the set of videos that are monetizable.”


You can read more at Get Started Page.


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