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Engross yourself in KDD Balanty, a branded sports football game that challenges you to score and save from the penalty spot. The ultimate fun and level of excitement rises with every penalty kick; as you score goals, earn points and climb up the rankings.

football penalty

Brace yourself as you can choose from multiple play modes like QUICK PLAY mode, in which you can take five penalty kicks as a scorer and face five penalties as the goalkeeper, scoring points for each goal and save; ONE BALL mode, in which you get to score as many times as you can with one football, as the game ends when you miss a penalty; and (last but not the least!) TIME CHALLENGE mode, in which you have to score as many points as you can in just one minute.

penalty image

The fun doesn’t end here. KDD Balanty allows you to customize your player with the in-app KDD Balanty store. You can also earn points with each KDD Flavored Milk carton you buy. Besides, My Player section helps you to keep a track on your achievements, and boost your rankings among peers as well as globally. So what are you waiting for? Download KDD Balanty NOW from Google Play. The game will be available on iTunes soon.


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