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There has been a lot of buzz around Gamifyd the past few weeks (and many overworked blokes) and I am excited to officially announce that Gamifyd is out and real!

Click Labs has been recording exponential growth this past year and we are proud that we have (more or less, its a dynamic industry you know) figured out the secret sauce of making awesome apps. We decided it was time we up the ante, so to speak. Clearly, we are not satisfied with what we have done in the last couple of years. We are hungry and have decided to stay foolish.
Enter Gamifyd, aka our very own gaming studio.

As the guy responsible for making this vision a reality, I can promise, you will soon see Gamifyd come out with wildly engaging and ridiculously fun content and quests.We are confident that backed by mix of viral enthusiasm and exceptional talent our games will dominate the targeted categories.
So, get ready for action packed times as we roll out our apps and surprise everyone around.
Our first game, Flying Fun for Android is already out on the Google Play Store.
Download it now on :  http://bit.ly/FlyingFunAndroid
In the meanwhile 2 other apps, Air Strike Classic and Captain Juju will be in stores in the next two weeks.
Follow Gamifyd on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/gamifyd
Follow Gamifyd on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Gamifyd
Considering the importance of Social Marketing, it would be highly appreciated if all of you, who have gotten Click Labs where it is today, treat Gamifyd as your own and spread Gamifyd among family and friends.

Have a great game idea? Click Labs can help you convert it into perfect reality. Get in touch with us and work with highly experienced game developers at every stage of development. If you are still in doubt, we urge you to browse through Mobile Gaming Services to read more details about our skills and portfolio.


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