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mobile messagingBelow is a guest post by Felipe Pires, CEO of VoteChat. If you’re interested in guest posting on our blog, please send a message to contact@click-labs.com.

As the CEO & founder of VoteChat, a mobile messaging app, I decided to explore my thoughts and predictions on the current state and future of mobile messaging.

When Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a big amount, that marked a turning point in which messaging applications have consolidated their first phase of adoption. Ironically so, that of just text messaging.

What’s Next in Mobile Messaging

What’s not being taken into account is the user interface format of messaging apps. That is, the empty screen that shows up before people post messages to each other and receive them – it’s a commodity.

Anyone can make copycat apps, and in my opinion, messaging is already a highly cluttered space: Kik, Line, WhatsApp and other apps already own the simple XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) peer-to-peer messaging markets.

What I believe is next in the messaging space (or text communication if you rather call it) is that new layers will be added on top of the messaging experience. This is already happening on the WeChat and other Asian platforms, especially with integrated gaming.

VoteChat Goes into Messaging’s Uncharted Territory

It is in this uncharted territory of new layers that VoteChat stands to go for a land grab and has already sparked initial interest from its devoted early users. VoteChat is a lot like traditional messaging, but allows users to vote on what’s being said until a predetermined time is up, leading to a chat group winner.

This new constrained chatting experience has allowed our users to create groups that in other platforms would not be possible. Like the group “Best Dog Pictures of the Week” and “Joke Of the Day.” Both groups have dedicated people who congregate and systematically vote on the content they like best.

The results are very good, especially since new users join the group and can see a well defined directory of the group’s taste. Regular users get daily, if not hourly, updates of their favorite subject from their peers and by the end of the countdown, a winner emerges, gaining both respect and recognition from the group.

We are now reaching out to brands and trying to get them on board to leverage VoteChat to hold creative contests and distribute awards. Needless to say, we are very excited for the future.

Felipe Pires, CEO and Co-Founder of VoteChat, focuses the core of VoteChat’s development around creating an incredible user experience that keeps people coming back to the app for interesting and valuable content based on their personal interests.

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