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Click Labs develops Fuel the Brain- an educational game website

Fuel the Brain

Recently, Click Labs began a partnership with Fuel the Brain, an educational gaming website for Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

Fuel the Brain’s ultimate goal is that teachers won’t have to spend lots of time or money searching for quality classroom activities, so expanding to mobile platforms will help them provide resources for teachers in new ways that are relevant to their students.

Because Fuel the Brain already has an extensive educational game catalog, Click Labs will help them convert their online games to mobile apps to help reach a larger, wider audience of teachers and parents.

With kid-friendly design and adjusted story lines and mental exercises tailored to each individual grade level already completed, Click Labs will do development and design adjustments to fit the games onto mobile screens.

Click Labs develops educational game app Star ShotThe development and gameplay design for the first game, Star Shot, is already under way. In this game, Kindergarten and 1st grade students help Sammy the starfish escape from a polluted ocean floor into a sky of beautiful stars where he can feel at home again. Sammy reaches the sky by bursting bubbles filled with consonant letters and avoiding vowels, helping students improve their basic reading and writing skills.

The launch of Star Shot for Android and iOS devices is expected to happen in mid to late November.

We can help you develop your own Educational Game Apps for iOS and Android Tablets and Mobile Devices or convert an existing web based educational game into a mobile game. Speak to Click Labs Executives for more information.


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