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In today’s fast-paced world, everyone from a newbie in start-up business to a large business tycoon is always on the move. Why waste the time while you’re traveling, when you can use it productively?

We know it’s not always possible to carry your laptop, let alone your office computer, along with you everywhere you go. Also, wireless internet connections are not reliable everywhere, even though we hope & pray that they are! But always at your beck and call, no matter where you are, is your very own mobile phone. It helps you always stay in touch with others through calls, messages or internet.So now-a-days, most business people are using their phones to complete their business tasks while traveling.

One of the most popularly used phones today is the Blackberry. It’s smart, convenient and has many apps that are used for work while on the move. The most used free App is the ‘Blackberry Messenger’ (i.e. BBM), which is used to keep in touch with others for work & personal relations. It can also be used to broadcast messages & tasks to multiple contacts at a time, and that gets work done. Another app that’s being used is ‘Nice Office LITE’ to manage emails, contacts, calendar appointments, store documents & get reports. The best part – this app allows the user to back up all of your work data on its website, just in case anything unfortunate happens to your Blackberry. Now that’s what I call “NICE!!” Another app that I have heard about is ‘Scoop’, which is similar to a Google doc. You can use it to make & share text, picture or audio files with you office staff or your clients. They in turn can edit, comment or make notes to the file and send it back. For more on free Blackberry apps, just check out here

For iPhone users, there are plenty of free apps on Apple Store, if only you search. One of the most common & easy to use free apps is ‘Box.net’, which gives you a 1GB account. It can be used to view, edit & share files, like spreadsheets, presentations & other documents while on the go. Next is the ‘IM+ Lite’ app, which is the best instant messenger among the other messenger options available for iPhone users. It allows you access to several services like Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, MySpace IM, Jabber, Yahoo! & MSN Messenger Live. Another cool free app is ‘BeamMe’, which allows users to send across your business cards via text o email, since most of us forget to carry our traditional business cards everywhere we go. Other common free iPhone apps are ‘Fring’ which is a free VOIP, and ‘Bloomberg’ which a free stock market app. Also see details about more iPhone apps here

Most other business people out there are using an Android or Smartphone, and there are plenty of free apps being used there too. The most common is ‘Evernote’– a mobile notepad that can save text as notes, record voice-clips for reminders, capture photos & create to-do lists. Another useful app on the go is ‘Dropbox’, which lets you transfer & access files from your computer to your phone. It has a total of 2GB file storage. To view files in MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint, you can use ‘Documents to Go’ free app. If you want to make changes to the files however, you will have to buy the full chargeable version. Almost all Google apps are free on android & smartphones, like Google Maps, Google Search, Google Reader, Google Translate, Google Voice, Google Buzz & more. To learn more about these apps, like I always say, “Just google it!!” This & much more available here

And of course, there will be many more free apps that will be available to all those who need to keep working on the go. So stay connected& busy!!

Written By Ryan D’souza

In addition to using these Free business apps, irrespective of whether you are a Startup, SMB or an Enterprise, you can also optimize business processes via custom mobile applications development for platforms like iOS, Android and more to cater to your specific needs. Get In Touch with our expert developers and designers for advice.


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