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First look at some of the just launched Facebook Chatbots – Revolution is Coming!


Image Credits: TechCrunch

Facebook wants us to believe that the mad rush for businesses to get some real estate on customers smartphones is set to change. In a move to monetize the 900 million strong Facebook messenger app user base, Facebook has opened the Send/Receive APIs to the community along with discovery tools such as plugins for websites and search functionality. Coupled with the bot engines that can interpret intent from natural language, F8 is being hailed as the most consequential event since Steve Jobs launched the App Store back in 2008. Chatbots promise to take the advances that have been taking place in creating involved user experiences and slick interfaces in the form of mobile apps back by few years. Theoretically end customers can replace many different apps on their phones by business specific chat bots.

While businesses are still grappling with endless possibilities; when it comes to acquiring new customers, supporting existing ones and creating lively communities; look at some of the examples launched in the last 1 week provides crucial insights.

WSJ– Read news in a jiffy using WSJ Facebook Chatbots

The Wall Street Journal is one of the modest bunch of media associations as of now utilizing the bots. By setting off to the paper’s Facebook page, or going by their chatbot page specifically, you can get overhauls on news and the monetary markets.  Writing ‘top news’ presents to you a snappy slideshow of features which you can tap on to read the full story, which would conceivably be valuable on an instance when you need a brisk redesign on the news in a jiffy. You can likewise get some information about how certain organizations are performing. By entering the organization’s ticker code with a dollar sign prefix, you get a chart of its execution. So sending a “$AAPL” message presents to you Apple’s late stock costs.

Facebook ChatbotsTechCrunch– Get daily updates on your Facebook Messenger

The TechCrunch messenger bot  will help you remain focused on the points and stories you care about. You can subscribe to various subjects, writers or segments of the site, and the bot will send you news articles from TechCrunch about the things you are occupied with the most. The bot will send you overhauls once every day, except if there aren’t any stories about the points you subscribe to, you won’t see much of it. You can likewise ask the bot questions like “What is Disrupt?” and it will give you an answer.

People don’t want apps for every single business that they interact with. Just a nicely designed bubble is a better experience than an app. Apart from WSJ and TechCrunch, CNN and Quartz’ latest app took the plunge and promise to save us by turning even e-mails into chats.

Uber Chatbots- Booking cabs has never been more convenient  

Ride-hailing startup Uber reported back in December that it was revealing an element on Facebook Messenger that permits clients to request cabs from any Messenger discussion by tapping on the car symbol. You can likewise message specifically with Uber to arrange a cab. To do that, you must be signed into your Uber account through Messenger for the element to work.

requested uberX

1-800 Flowers– Flowers and Facebook Chatbots

The US based florist was used as one of the bot demonstrations at F8. Need to request blossoms? Request them on this bot. Write “greetings” to 1-800-Flowers.com, the bot will instantly spring to action,” Please enter the conveyance address for these blooms. Incorporate apartment # if necessary.” 1-800-Flowers’ bot implies business.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.02.07 PM

Besieging clients with a variety of decisions and numerous choices to oversee even the most everyday parts of our lives is progressively turning into a task. The journey to improve our lives is well in progress, and it appears that adding focused on visit bots to our five most loved applications could be the silver shot to convey the more noteworthy profitability and productivity we have been hunting down and bring about a new revolution in the On Demand industry.

Assist – Get the best deals through Facebook Chat

Need to send flowers? Send blooms for any event utilizing our accomplice Florist One. Need a ride some place? Find your best choice between Uber, Yellow Taxi, City Mapper, or Lyft. Need an inn for today? We discover you the best 3 inns customized for you from Olset. Time for a new hairdo? See hold up times and register with any Great Clips. Need to send a printed letter? Drop a message and  we print and mail utilizing our accomplice Lob.

By connecting with certain administrations through an informing application rather than by means of autonomous applications, when things happen that may merit your consideration, the string gets knocked up in your inbox rather the message losing all sense of direction in an ocean of push notifications and emails.

Booking flights just got easier with KLM Facebook Chatbots

KLM is putting forth another approach to get your flight documentation: Facebook’s Messenger administration. In the wake of booking your flight on klm.com you can pick the choice to get booking affirmation, registration notice, ticket and flight announcements by means of Messenger. This makes your travel data simple to discover in a solitary spot, accessible at the airplane terminal, on the way or at home. Any inquiries? Forget about it. Ask away and get in touch with us straightforwardly through Messenger, all day, every day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.02.38 PM

We’re currently thinking about an unintended reaction of pervasive processing: a surge in multifaceted nature that overpowers the graphical-just interface. It can take upwards of 18 ticks on 10 distinctive screens to make one straightforward aircraft reservation while we’re confronted with an awkward cluster of catches, promotions, drop-downs, content boxes, various leveled menus and then some.


Presently, any Messenger client can put forward wellbeing inquiries to HealthTap’s 100,000 U.S. doctors in 141 specialities and get speedy answers from the specialist who happens to see the post first. The free administration additionally gives answers to comparative inquiries beforehand asked on HealthTap’s site or mobile application. It’s presently less demanding than any time in recent memory to get to top specialists promptly in a compact and individual way.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.02.53 PM

HP Printbot 

The HP Print Bot permits clients to effortlessly print content specifically from a Facebook Messenger discussion. Essentially forward a photo or archive to HP Print Bot and print from anyplace.

As the AI continues to evolve, these bots apps will become more powerful and intuitive for the end users. But the overall trends point to bot apps becoming a powerful customer facing prerequisite for many businesses very soon. If you are thinking of getting a bot for your business, it is easier than you think.

We just launched an AI bot builder for Facebook Messenger to deliver personalized customer experience as an extension to our marketing automation platform Fugu.

Want to develop a Chatbot for your business? Get in touch with us now!


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