On Demand Mobile Services:

Instant gratification is bringing a fundamental shift in how the end users interact with service providers. The trend started with Uber and other startups disrupting the existing taxi companies by implementing a much more convenient way of hailing taxis. The same model is being translated into many other verticals as the users are being given the power to summon anything from food to marijuana to plumbers to personal stylists at their doorsteps. Offline - online integration ensures that there's a lot of room for entrepreneurs to get the business model right in different geographies due to the hyper-local nature of the model.

Having enabled different ODMS solutions we have experience in scheduling/reservation, dispatching/tracking, review and billing modules powering the native user and pro apps along with the backend dashboards. Get in touch with us for consultation on your disruptive idea.


At the core of the marketplace concept lies the need to become more efficient in how resources are being used. Airbnb helps you choose an accommodation from nearly a million listings spread across 33000 cities and 192 countries. Mobilisation of technology is further fuelling the trend by making many more marketplace concepts viable. People are sharing cars, homes, office spaces, pre owned goods and what not through different marketplaces.

Again the scheduling/reservation, review and billing modules are important aspects. Aggregation of possibly millions of listings necessitates the scalable architecture. Reliance on the latest technology stacks for our core components along with natively built mobile clients ensures that your marketplace will be well supported from the initial market fit phase to scaling phase.


Google disrupted Yellow Pages a while back, if we think of it your curation idea is going to disrupt Google at some level. Many people have shifted to Yelp to search for nearby restaurants. Niche specific curation platforms allow easy dissemination and consumption of information. Crowdsourced information accumulated on top of the directory listings makes the decisions of the end users more informed. It helps in sourcing trust to the customer, as it is the customer herself that has provided that information.

Curation economy is still relatively new in many verticals, and we provide a customizable solution to fit any or all of your needs. Get in touch with us for consultation on your next curation idea.



After the splash screen, this is the first place where user interacts with the application. Herein, s/he is required to fill in personal details, with other information that might be relevant to the application’s end business goal. Sometimes, user is required to fill in payment methods at the time of registration.

However, an employee (say a technician, doctor etc) might be required to enter details about their biography, services they offer, its cost and prior client reviews that can help them get started.


On Demand doesn't always mean instant. Many ideas under the sharing economy model lend themselves naturally to scheduling and reservation. Juggernaut’s core scheduling module has resulted after iterations via implementing it for varied business models.


This layer contains all necessary components that would constitute interaction between the service provider (here, an employee) and the end user. This may include requesting appointment by user, acceptance/cancellation by provider, starting and ending appointments or the live status of engagements.


Increasing acceptability of sharing economy is partly related with the idea of sharing cars, homes, etc. with strangers becoming acceptable to people. Still for the model to work the review system should be solid to help build the trust factor associated with having strangers come at your home to give you a massage or renting your empty room for few days. Models can vary from subjective comment based reviews to objective 5 star based reviews or anything in between.


One reason for the success of Uber and other startups that followed and made the Uber for X model popular was the fact that they closed the entire loop. Request the service - Use the service and Pay for the service - it has to be this simple. So, the billing module including all payment forms is an integral part of all On Demand models.


One of the mainstays of sharing economy are the marketplaces which have filled the information gap between demand and supply. These marketplaces can be customised according to your needs, carry your logo, integrated with social media presence and still offer a seamless experience on both web and mobile.

User app

The user

Provider App

Having implemented this module in nearly all the solutions for on-demand economy, we’ve become experts in this domain.

Central Admin Panel



You provide us with the specifications and we find the technology to fit the specifications and not the other way around. We recognize the uniqueness of your idea and we focus on providing effective support for your solution.


To provide a successful user experience, we take a balanced approach enabling your business plan to resonate with our technology solution. We take your idea step by step through these phases to craft/create a delightful experience for your users.
Functional requirements – Determine the initial requirements and goals for the application.
User analysis – Identify the user scenarios and understand the needs and expectations of users for each scenario.
Conceptual design – Model the underlying business that the application must support.
Logical design – Design the process and information flow of the application.
Physical design – Decide how the logical design will be implemented on specific physical platforms.


During the development of your solution, we have dedicated Product Development Managers assigned to your project, and they will provide you with all the information regarding the status of your Project. We will require your approval at every phase of the development process to make sure that there is no discrepancy between your vision and what we develop.


Our experts in testing & quality assurance focus on deployment readiness of your technology solutions to ensure that you’ve a competitive advantage in the market by delivering functional assurance, better quality & enhanced performance in addition to greater cost savings and faster time to market.


We do not simply provide a service, but believe in going that extra mile to offer advice to our clients during the software development life cycle. Our Product Managers will remain in constant touch and shall use your feedback to improve the product during development stage. They’ll provide you with expert advice, mentoring and assistance with your Go-To-Market strategy.


Our methods are deeply grounded in serving your organization’s critical business requirements, resulting in a deployment that is tailored to accommodate your unique needs as well as the demands of your IT environment.

Our prior experience with enterprise mobility service implementations has equipped us with the expertise to minimize the disruptions and encourage fluidity during this process.


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