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Facebook on Wednesday announced at the company’s first ever marketing Conference named fMC (Facebook Marketing Conference), held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, that Facebook Premium Ads will now appear in mobile applications. Under the new feature, mobile news feeds will be used to display the advertisements. Advertisers would definitely be happy after learning that they now can reach the gigantic base of mobile users of the Social Network Giant.  In the past, all the advertisements used to appear or display in the side bar and news feed only on the desktop version of the Facebook.


Facebook Marketing Conference, New York City

Facebook Marketing Conference


According to an announcement by the Director of Global Business Marketing, Mike Hoefflinger, Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories will be available on mobile devices with different platforms, armed with Facebook Clients.  It is also going to happen first time that these ads will be shown on log-out page, added the Director of Global Business Marketing.

As the difference between a mobile consumer and an internet user is reducing, the marketers are seeking for different methods to reach this new type of audience. The best way to access this new consumer group is to use social media.  The feature of showing Premium ads in Facebook Client Applications for mobile will make it possible for the advertisers to reach 425 million users that like to use Facebook on their Mobile.


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