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Not more than 20 hours after filing for initial public offering, Facebook suffered an outage. In normal situations, it would not be counted for much. However, it becomes news when these types of outages are not listed as a risk factor in the filing application of a company like Facebook that have just applied for IPO.

Many Tweet on Twitter like the one “I was going to wish you a happy birthday but Facebook was down.” Shows that social networking geeks had have to turn their faces to Twitter or other Social Networking sites during this undesirable situation.  Another user on Twitter said, “On Valentine’s Day, I want to let my dear ones know that I love them if Facebook will not go on holiday again.”

Facebook's Outage

The outage causes problems in many ways to users. Some of the users could not reach the Facebook at all and some reported slow loading pages. Some of the users even contacted the websites that monitor the status of web services like Downrightnow.com to confirm whether the problem is with their account only or occurring worldwide.

Some posted Joke on the situation saying, “Signs of an IPO party hangover? #Facebook down!”. Some took it as an opportunity to spread rumors that a hackers group called Anonymous attacked Facebook.

A spokesperson issued a statement on Daily News saying, “Earlier today, some users briefly experienced issues loading the site. The issues have now been resolved, and we are back to 100%.”


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