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According to the leaked information, Facebook is coming up with new Premium Ads and is doing final analysis on the new features to be added to Premium Ads application. Those, who keep regular watch on social media news, are saying that the new upgraded version of Premium Ads will come into effect next week on February 29. According to the leaked documents, Facebook is promising that the new Premium Ad products will be more effective and with new features added, Premium Ads clients may get 40 to 80 percent more than in the previous case. In other words, with the new Premium Ad products, promoters and can expect a 40 to 80 percent rise in leads and ad retention from ads.

Facebook's New Premium Ads Features

Facebook’s New Premium Ads

The previous features that are assumed to be enhanced or changed completely or partly in terms of targeting users in the new Premium Ads on February 29th are:

  • Premium Like (Photo and Video)
  • Premium Event
  • Video Comment
  • Premium Poll (Photo and Video)

Using Facebook’s New Premium Ads feature the Fan page content will be available for Page fans or followers and can be made available for other Facebook users. In other words, page contents can also be targeted to non-fans. The changes made to the present advertise system will make the ads resemble to normal Facebook page posts.

A Facebook presentation on Scribd describes these new amendments as an attempt to make premium advertisement more simple. It says, “Anything you can do on your Page, you can do in ads.” Thus Status Update Text, Images and videos will not only be shown to fans but to any user on Facebook.

Since the Google has stepped in the field with it social networking product Google+, the competition has been becoming tough. Facebook is continuously researching to find authentic ways for people to connect with one another as well as with businesses, brands and institutions.


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