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Everything is fair in love, war and ‘Winnin’- an Entertaining App for Video Battles

When it comes to working on something ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, then you will always find Click Labs running after the opportunity. That’s why we teamed up with the brilliant Wilton Pinheiro and Gian Martinez to develop the mobile application verison of Winnin, an entertainment and social website for finding the best videos from the junk of millions cluttering the internet.Everything is fair in love, war and 'Winnin'- an Entertaining App for Video Battles

Winnin gathers videos from all the possible sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Vevo and Instagram. Since the APIs for connecting to these services are free of cost, this website cum mobile app provides a one-stop-view-all type of place for all the video-lovers. Anybody who visits Winnin will see an arena of war with video combats everywhere, known as ‘Battles’. These battles can be created, played and curated with the help of multiple videos by anyone and everyone. The ‘Community’ or the Subscribers votes for the best among the rest and declare a clear Winner of the Battle with real-time ranking. You must know that the Community has grown to nearly 2 million (and still counting!) video lovers.

You know what is so cool about being associated with Winnin? It is a part of the Coca Cola Founders Program. This prestigious accelerator program by the world’s giant company, Coca Cola, provides funding as well as resources to some lucky startups like Winnin; and help them bag Series A funding and much more. Besides, the company was recently featured on TechCrunch. Click here to read more. That’s not all! Winnin was launched in Brazil and is soon going to sail it’s way to the US and conquer new markets. Download Winnin on your iOS and Android devices.


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