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The Frenzy has already begun. We’ve been hearing about it since 1990’s. Well, your wait is over. It may happen any moment. The end of world is here! Introduce yourself to the ravishing Android Apps which help you survive the disaster and will answer your queries. These Apps will help you countdown to the last moment and will tell you how prepared you are. JUDGEMENT DAY is here!

2012 Quiz: Doomsday Survival

A survival guide which caters knowledge to deal with the doomsday. Check out the survival Android Application and know which places will be best for surviving such catastrophic scenarios. Find out answers to your survival queries.

Maya Countdown Doomsday

Countdown till the end of time and achieve your goals before the world smashes down into ashes. Make your wish and achieve your final goal. Add your personal goal which you want to achieve and share your goals on Facebook and twitter. Once you achieve your goals, your “goal” meter will go up.

Doomsday Deactivator

Your services are needed to enter doomsday deactivator in timely manner so as to safeguard our planet. Help out Mr. Lazarus who claims that he has traveled back in time to set up a global network to cease the destruction of Earth.

Epic Doomsday Button

If you are having a bad time, then your worries are over. With Epic Doomsday Button blow the world. You can End the world a BANG! Reset your day or blow the world because the end of the world starts with you.

Click Labs has an expert team of android app developers & designers for hire to convert your unique application ideas to reality on android platform. Just Get In Touch with one of our executives to get all your app development queries and concerns addressed.


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