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Dear Domino’s,

We love your pizza. A lot.

In fact, any time we have a company event we order your pizzas by the truckloads. We don’t even consider buying from any other pizza place.

This is why it breaks our heart to tell you this, but your app’s no good.

And we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

The first review for the Android version in the Google Play Store says, “The worst ordering app ever!” from fellow Domino’s lover Aaron Dsouza.

But, in the spirit of love and Valentine’s day, we’re spreading our love for Domino’s pizzas by making an offer (we hope) you in the Domino’s office won’t be able to refuse.

We’ve created a new design for the app and want to give you a free hackathon to re-skin the app to make it more beautiful and user friendly. Because we love you and your pizza so much.

Here’s some of the major improvements with our design we think Domino’s customers will love compared to the current design:

  • Changing the orientation from landscape to portrait for a more user-friendly interface considering the default orientation of most mobile devices is in portrait. It also makes swiping more convenient.
  • An easier to navigate login screen.
  • A cleaner, more intuitive, easier to navigate user interface. The pictures of the pizza also look far more appetizing.
  • Choosing and customizing and order in the new design is much easier. For example, the sizes and quantities of different pizzas and dishes are easily adjustable throughout all stages of the ordering process. Also, in the current design, the option to customize a pizza comes before the user actually selects the type of pizza he wants.

For reference, here’s what we currently have to deal with:

Dominos ordering app

Ordering screen dominos pizza app

Dominos Pizza's ordering app

Dominos ordering app

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Dominos app for ordering




And here’s our proposed redesign:



Cart screen Click Labs' Dominos app version

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Click Labs Valentine gift to Dominos

Click Labs gifted dominos a reskinned ordering app


Our dearest Domino’s,  we hope you hear us. And for the love of your pizza and all of our fellow Domino’s lovers, that you’ll take us up on our offer.

Click Labs



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