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Dine without waiting with Obron Restaurant Waiter App

In this tech driven world, great inventions and fresh perspectives have eliminated the need for middlemen. Today, a customer can directly communicate as well as negotiate with a service provider in the most transparent manner. Service industries like Restaurants are the biggest gainers in this scenario. Since one’s dining experience is directly correlated with their waiting service, greater risk looms when the waiters are not competent. A restaurant can not only lose a repeat customer, but can also jeopardize its brand image.

Keeping this in mind, Herbert Hanson joined forces with Click Labs to create the very first one-waiter-app, Obron Restaurant Waiter App. It is based on the new concept of replacing a waiter by using smart technology. This mobile application enables a user to place food and drinks order through their smartphone or tablet, which will be dispatched directly to the restaurant’s kitchen or bar. Besides, a user can also decide a tip amount and make automatic payments without having to wait for the bill.

Obron Restaurant Waiter App can be used by any type of restaurant- dine-In, take outs, fast food, drive-thrus and/or coffee houses. This convenient and easy to use app is a low maintenance and multifunctional tool, which can help a restaurant to cut labour cost, enjoy high revenues, and get competitive advantage over others.

Obron Restaurant Waiter App is available for download on Play Store and iTunes.

Dine without waiting with Obron Restaurant Waiter AppDine without waiting with Obron Restaurant Waiter AppDine without waiting with Obron Restaurant Waiter App


Click Labs is fully equipped with years of experience and expertise, highly dextrous developers, designers and project managers, and advanced technology to give wings to your business idea. If you want to take flight, get in touch with us today. Contact us now and schedule a free consultation session with our Experts.


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