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Often we take hours to find a site that we forgot to save at the first time. Many of you must have gone through this irritable stage. But again, with a heavy heart, you decide go on a hunt to seek that particular site.

No more pulling of your hair anymore if you forgot the site you wished to see, because Clipix is here to save your hair. Well of course not the hair, but yes to save your time and energy in finding that lost site. Clipix allows you to save information on your clipboard for your future reference. Not only this you can personalize it as per your needs. So here is a clipboard that looks exactly how you want, reminding you time and again what you wished to buy, where you wanted to go for holidays, what you wished to gift your parents, etc, etc.

Operating Clipix is no rocket science. All one has to do is drag the clip button to the Bookmarks toolbar, and start clipping whatever you find interesting, attractive, alluring, heart melting or whatever adjectives you can think of for your interests, to the clipboard.

Users can also upload PDF files, WORD and EXCEL documents. Unlike Pinterest, users can clip items without images too. All you have to do is give it a name and just clip it. And work completed!

Another interesting feature of Clipix is that you can clip a desired expensive item on your clipboard and set it to desired purchase prices. Clipix will automatically track down the item online and send you an email notification, once you it reaches the preferred price.

It also caters to copywrite issues and to prevent this, Clipix adds a watermark stamp of ‘copywrite protected’ onto everything that users clip to their clipboard. Clipix is not a social network, it only aim is to organize the users online life.

So all one has to do is sit down, surf around and keep on clipping things that you like. And Clipix will do rest of the work for you!

Have a happy clipixing time.

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