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Click Labs gets ready to Hack

Because Great Solutions Are Born in 36 Hours

This is a 36-hour hacking endurance test! Teams join forces to build a new solution, present it on the stage to a panel of expert judges and an audience, and compete for prizes worth Rs. 50,000! We are looking for ideas that focus on reducing the integration and customization time for service projects at Juggernaut.

For those who are not familiar with the concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackathon


This is your chance to shine, take the competition to the next level and show what you’re made of. There are prizes worth INR 50,000 to be won. That’s a lot of dough!


The list of project topics that you can work on would be shared on the #Hackathon channel on Slack. Please keep an eye out for the link there. You are also welcome to work on a topic of your choosing – however, you need to get it approved (please reach out to me if that’s the case).


In order to participate, you are encouraged to form teams of 3-5 people each. You can also run solo if you prefer but you would be placing yourself at a disadvantage if you do so because of the work involved. An ideal team composition would be as below:

  • A project guide (assigned by us to mentor you about the vision of the effort and key areas to focus on)
  • 1-2 developers
  • 1 UI/UX/Design person
  • 1 Front End person
  • 1 QA person

You are free to form your own teams. Please let us know if you need assistance in team formation or if you need us to match you with people.

Please complete team formation by Wednesday 3pm and email your entries to abhi@click-labs.com with the subject line “Hackathon Team Submission”.


Participation in the event is mandatory. Every one is expected to be working on a Hackathon project.

Not more than 2-3 teams will work on a given Hackathon project.

You are NOT required to stay overnight on Friday but we will have the arrangements in place for those who do – food, beverages, snacks, floor mats for snoozing, late night transportation etc. The event will run non-stop from Friday morning to Saturday evening.

Your project managers will ensure your calendars are clear and you are not occupied in any other work on Friday and Saturday.


The project code work and assets need to be submitted by 4pm on Saturday in the form of github / bitbucket check in. This will be followed by projector presentations that begin at 5pm wherein each team will walk the judges through what they worked on, the design and architecture and impress the panel with their work (judges panel will be shared on the Slack channel).

Theme for the contest:

This year, we will be focussing on Juggernaut ecosystem. We want a creative name that envisages the concept of Juggernaut being a plug-and-play product – how we can reduce integration and customization time involved in service projects.

  • DECEMBER 18 8:00 AM Contest Begins to run non-stop for 36 hours

  • DECEMBER 19 4:00 PM Code submission and check in

  • DECEMBER 19 5:00 PM Presentations begin

  • DECEMBER 19 8:00 PM Contest Closes

Winners to be Announced on 21st December 2015

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