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Before we went through our software development company’s rebranding and website re-design, our branding was all over the place. We had no consistency between our customer touchpoints and knew this had to change this immediately since each touchpoint is an opportunity to increase awareness and increase our customer loyalty – and we weren’t doing it right – at all.

The Problem

We used different fonts, varying images, and didn’t have a color scheme, so the personality of our company got lost in the jumble of random images and different touchpoints. If it weren’t for the name Click Labs printed on everything, you’d get the impression that we were three different companies if you looked at our website, business cards, and brochures separately.

Click Labs Old Branding

We also wanted to make ourselves stand out. “One of the main mantras in branding is ‘differentiate, differentiate, differentiate,’” said Pedro Coehlo, our rebranding designer in his rebranding report. “Click Labs should also adjust its visual signature for a more compelling brand.”

The Solution

The first step was to define our positioning amongst our competitors. We looked at the current website and marketing materials and realized that overall, Click Labs had a more colorful, playful look and feel compared to other, similar companies, so we decided to use this to our advantage.

We narrowed down our font choices, perfected the color scheme, and came up with some possibilities for graphics to use in association with our brand on our different customer touchpoint materials.

A quote from brand consultant Alina Wheeler was especially inspirational here. “In projects that involve redesign,” she said, “the designer must also carefully examine the equity of the existing form and understand what it has meant to a company’s culture…. finding a way to maintain elements from the original identity and to transform them into bigger ideas and stronger, more sustainable visual forms.”

Perfecting the Brand: Our Logo

Once we had our fonts, colors, and the basic idea of our brand in place, it was time to decide what symbol to use to represent our business. Keeping in mind that our business specializes in mobile app solutions, and the actual name of Click Labs, we wanted something that made sense. “I tried to avoid the most common associations with ‘click’ and ‘labs,’ especially because with apps people don’t click, but touch,” said Pedro. “I designed a symbol that looks like a pointing device but also draws inspirations from how the touch gesture is depicted in UI guidelines.”

UI Guidelines for designing a logo

Click Labs new Logo

Click Labs branding applications

Moving Forward

With our color scheme, font and brilliant logo in place, we’re moving forward with a complete re-branding of everything. We’re taking care of our website, physical marketing materials, digital information products and social media profiles. It’s a big job, but we know once all our touchpoint products are consistent, it’ll be a huge pay-off.

With our new brand and consistency, our goal is to build more confidence and trust with our customers and position ourselves as a credible, expert company in our niche. We’re really good at what we do, so it’s time for our brand to reflect that. Our brighter, cleaner and more consistent appearance will convey our own confidence and enable our clients to have confidence in us.


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