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Changing technology is not the only trend in the gaming industry, as gamers have divided themselves into two distinct groups, casual and hardcore, based on their degree of involvement. Not everyone can afford hours of dedication in learning the complicacies of a hardcore game as it is a very tedious and time-consuming activity.

Each individual does not have the patience required for first grasping and then indulging in a leisure activity. Also, paying $60 (on an average) for the fun and excitement provided by each game is not a pocket-friendly option for many.

Why Casual Games?

With less than fifteen minutes required to grasp and a few hours to master, casual games have become a favorite way of passing time and adding little doses of relaxation and refreshment in the busy and exhausting lives of numerous people. “Casual games are short bursts of free time.” claims Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft.

Light strategic thought, friendly user interface, not much of a story line and no set of complicated rules govern the basics of casual gaming. It mainly aims at a large and varied audience which is not looking for an attachment or emotional investment in a game. Investing large amounts of time for a small amount of gratification is not their motive.

Are Casual Games Only For Children?

That casual games are specifically marketed to children is a myth. Yes, casual games are easy to understand and play with, but that does not degrade the level of gaming. These are rather deeply imbedded into our social network activity. These can be enjoyed by anyone from teenagers to adults and not necessarily have to be repetitive and mind-numbingly simple.

According to ESA’s 2013 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry, an average casual gamer is a 43-year-old woman who indulges in casual games like Candy Crush, Plants vs. Zombies, Farmville and Cake Mania to break her monotonous routine.

The Social Quotient

A survey conducted by market research firm Information Solution Group for PopCap found that playing casual games is a favorable leisure time activity than watching TV or reading. It is an enjoyable way of spending time with the whole family, giving more opportunities of coming together in this dismantling world.

It Is Medically Approved Too

Dr. Carl Arinoldo, a psychologist based in Stony Brook, NewYork, believes that casual gaming is both a source of cognitive exercise and a stress buster. A person with a physical or mental disability achieves a sense of accomplishment or belonging while playing games. Many psychologists and counselors believe that if the patient focuses on a game, the chances of his distancing from the perceived negative situation is higher. It gives them a direct and immediate purpose in life.

Statistics Speak

The casual game market is expected to become $8.64 billion industry by 2014. According to Yves Guillemot, “In the long term, there’s no reason why the casual gaming business would not overcome the hardcore gaming business because there are more people that are interested in buying casual.

In March 2011, a survey published by Google showed that 84% of tablet owners spend most of their time playing games on the device. This survey was even before Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD and the touch-centric Windows 8 entered the market. It proves that the market for casual gaming is ever-growing.

A Mobile Has It All

Casual gaming has become a major trend and hobby, with the adaptability of mobile devices to gaming platforms. The major pro of mobile gaming is portability. You do not have to worry about carrying a PlayStation or Xbox to enjoy your favorite game.

With studies stating that 72% of adults have their phones within five feet most of the time, playing games on phone seems a favorable option to many. Plus the potential audience is also enormous with approximately one mobile device per person. With features like integrated GPS, camera, position sensors and video, the gaming experience becomes all the more enriching.

The Changed Scenario

Casual gaming has changed the outlook of the gaming industry, proving that games are no longer just for the elite or for technology freaks.

In between your major work, getting bored is not favorable and indulging yourself in a time-consuming activity is never an option, thus enlarging the scope of casual games. While being stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for your food recipe to reach its final stage, casual games work as time fillers.

With the availability of numerous and distinct gaming genres, anyone and everyone can explore their hidden craving for gaming. Read more about how Click Labs can help you develop interactive mobile games here.


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