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Why are large organisations prefer Juggernaut over other ERP Solutions?

Juggernaut has tried to overcome the shortcomings of various ERP solution software by enhancing its modal and trying to incorporate all the segments required by an organisation to run its functions smoothly


  • One of our client wanted to use a software that can meet all the needs of their recruitment department.
  • They also wanted the software should have a segment for the on-boarding of new employees in the organisation.

When the client came to know about our product “Juggernaut”, Initially they planned to use the human resource functionality of the product especially their Recruitment segment in which we covered all the recruitment activities like Job application, Job offers and Job openings:

  • The team can upload various formats for different positions and their requirements in the system and can also update those requirements as and when required.
  • The number of Job Openings you can create for a Designation is restricted according to the Vacancies planned by the Staffing Plan defined for the company or one of it's parent group companies in the hierarchy.

Juggernaut has not only helped the team in maintaining records but also reduced their time and effort on manual entries:

  • As Juggernaut is available in mobile version also they were able to quickly upload the job offers on social media by using the format uploaded on the app.
  • Juggernaut has helped in tracking the record of new applications coming up for each vacancy in the organisation.