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Boombotix Rex, a device to help you sync your music with other devices

Boombot REX (pictured) can hold up against mud, dust, and water for music syncing during extreme sports.

We’re really proud of one of our startup subsidy clients.

Earlier this month, Boombotix made the headlines at TechCrunch for raising an astounding amount of startup funding.

After the success of it’s initial Kickstarter campaigns raising $17,000 and $130,000 separately, they have raised a whopping $4 million in venture funding.

In this stage of the company’s development, co-founder Lief Storer went after partners for strategic purposes, looking for individuals and entities that could add value and help Boombotix build its brand.

After the initial Kickstarter campaigns, Boombotix signed deals with major retailers including T-Mobile, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

We’re excited to see what they have up their sleeves after this most recent round of raising funds, especially given the amazing things they were able to do after raising the last round.

About Our Startup Subsidy Program

For qualifying companies (i.e. companies with great ideas that are short on funds), we offer our full services and attention at either a discounted rate or with deferred payment options until they’re able to start making money or raising funds.

The idea is to help companies like Boombotix who have great ideas that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the app development to create or expand their business.

Lief Storer, CEO Boombotix

“They know how to get a product shipping quickly and they didn’t let technical hurdles stop them from developing the core tech and getting to an awesome MVP.”

-Lief Storer, CEO of Boombotix


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