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Boombotix Sync, Music App

Lief and his team are the pioneers in the music hardware industry. They created a range of ultra portable speakers which go by the name of BoomBots. With premium acoustics, wireless connectivity, rechargeable battery and a ruggedized shell, these speakers were perfect for an active lifestyle.

With good sound quality and great battery backup, this device was adopted by more and more people within days of being launched. Having taken the music everywhere, they wondered if people could connect more devices with the Boombot; there was no technology in the market that allowed to sync on the fly.

Boombotix Sync

Lief came across a lot of technical hurdles. He tried several ways to find a solution to this problem using FM transmitters, carrying WiFi routers around and even tried to press play at the same time with his friends.

Six months and countless anxious moments later emerged Boombotix Sync, a patented technology that allows perfect synchronisation of devices over the network and enables music to be played in sync over a mobile network (WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE).

The app allows one person to stream content/music to multiple listeners. It can also be used instead of several cables to create multiple audio sources. Using the app, people can stay synchronized over a larger range, thus allowing full mobility. Whether it’s biking, skating, skiing or hiking, this app is optimized for an active lifestyle.


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