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The iPhone 5S launch brought two new industry buzzwords:

  • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)
  • M7 Motion Sensors

Normal motion sensors make our smartphones smarter, but M7 motion sensors make them intelligent.

The M7 motion sensors are a boon to mobile technology and right now, 5S is making the most of it. The motion and distance sensors utilized require much less battery, stretching the battery life to its upper limits, allowing users maximum phone usage.

With built-in motion sensors in mobile phones, you no longer need extra tiny devices that are otherwise a trouble to carry along like FiLIP smartwatch for kids and Alerter belt buckle wearable.

The most striking features of M7 motion sensors include:

  • Gesture controlled games
  • Limits battery drainage, sensors are kept off when the phone is asleep
  • Mobile gesture recognition
  • Operates separately from the main processor
  • Enhanced mapping and location functions

M7 motion sensors collect integrated data from accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, and allow these to be analyzed even when the phone is asleep. Its ability to work separately from the main processor makes it power efficient.

Technological Opportunities with M7 Motion Sensors

The M7 motion sensor is a forward thinking technology, which will be ble to track physical and emotional activities when combined with other technologies.

An article by MIT Technology Review talks about apps using motion sensors and how they leverage the technology for richer tracking of physical and emotional activities.

In the future, you’ll be able to use unique gestures for various functionalities of your device like unlocking the screen, dialing an emergency number, start playing music, etc. M7 motion sensor technology also understands unique gesture patterns to know the current activity and possible intentions of a user.

Nike and Argus are brands with motion tracking apps used for health and fitness. M7 motion sensors currently only on iPhone 5S are also available to third party developers. It’s a budding opportunity for the health and activity tracker market. More motion tracking apps will come into play replacing stand-alone motion tracking devices with apps on smartphones.

What about Bluetooth LE?

Bluetooth LE has been active in iOS phones for a while, but will come to potential use with more apps adapting to the technology. BLE has significant advantages over traditional Bluetooth, and is made to transfer small packets of data over a distance of up to 50 meters.

BLE consumes a very low amount of power and is one of the most looked-forward-to innovations in the technological sphere. Presently, iBeacon for iOS is the key application of BLE.

Apple’s iBeacon: The First Step to a New Phase of Retail Shopping

iBeacon is an Apple innovation that creates a beacon around your surroundings so your app is alerted when you enter a particular region. Beacons are small wireless sensors placed inside physical stores to transmit data to your iPhones using BLE.

These can be used to make payments while shopping in stores, tagging products you want to purchase, looking for product counters in a huge outlet, access coupons and special promotions, and see recommendations, all while in-store shopping.

Estimote is one company that has launched beacons. They are small sized sensors placed in physical stores so that apps can be tracked. Another company, Simple, has launched an app MoneyDrop that will use BLE to transfer funds on mobile when you are in physical proximity of the other person. This feature brings a prominent change to the retail industry with customers paying for purchase via BLE.

A Round Up…

M7 motion sensors will change the usability of health & fitness apps, and are a promising prospect in revolutionizing the functionality of a smartphone. And on the same page is BLE, a prospective boon for the retail industry in particular. Apple’s iBeacons that use BLE have hard coded GPS and deliver results based on your current location, store discounts and recommendations, and past browsing history.

Your motion tracking app is all set to benefit from M7 motion sensors for efficiency and Bluetooth LE for connectivity. It’s time to put a step forward in the fast moving motion tracking app world. Have you made your app BLE integratable yet?

Let us know in comments.


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