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Have you ever wondered how frustrating it is for diners to wait in the queue before getting a table in a restaurant?

Messy wait-lists, irritating buzzers and long queues make your smoothly run quick service restaurant (QSR) or fast food business lose revenue every time a frustrated customer walks away from the lineups and reluctantly goes to your competitors.

For consumers, restaurant review apps such as Yelp, Opentable, Nosh and UrbanSpoon help them in deciding where to dine and what to order. Finding a good place and its best items to eat is just one branch of mobile solutions for this industry.

National Restaurant Association came up with a poll in 2012 denoting that 46 percent of foodies in U.S.A said they would use a restaurant’s smartphone app, if available.

As the owner of a fast-food place you would always look for ways to make your customers’ experience better while they are waiting, for instance, getting a restaurant’s mobile app developed is a new way for to engage and communicate with your guests in a non-obtrusive way while they are waiting. Here’s what all it can do for you:
Reduce wait times with a restaurant mobile app
Queue The Mobile Way : A restaurant wait list app, that sends a text message to the guest once table is ready, enables diners to better manage their time rather than getting frustrated by waiting endlessly & looking at others enjoying their meal.

Order Ahead: Do you have customers for whom coming to you every weekend is a religion? Diners who know their order by heart? Make ordering easy for them by letting them order through the app. This will not only reduce their wait time while they are dining but also help you to get their order beforehand, thereby giving them another reason to love you more.

Quick Kitchen Service: A restaurant app will not only reduce the queueing time for your eaters to zero, but also notify the waiters, when the guest is seated, who takes the orders fast and passes it on to the kitchen staff, all through the app. The kitchen staff can communicate among themselves with ease creating no chaos, thus getting the order on the table within less time.

The question you should ask yourself is whether you want to rely on external restaurant finder apps to make dine in easy for you and your customers; or get your own quick service restaurant’s wait-list app developed. What if all these problems of yours, i.e dine in, reservation, loyalty, inventory management, kitchen staff management, dashboard and home delivery are all solved by a single app, Bistro. It not only helps you brand your restaurant your way to get an enormous edge over your competitors, but also gives your customers a more satisfying experience.

So if you want to provide the best dining experience, engage your customers, increase your reservations and reduce your hassles, get a custom restaurant app developed for your quick serve eatery.

Serve a platter of services to your customers and give them a perfect taste of customer satisfaction. Click Labs has developed Bistro, an enterprise solution for restaurant owners to help grow their business tremendously. Get In Touch with our team of experts to build enterprise applications that best suit your industry. Besides, take a look at our Enterprise Mobility Solutions to know more.


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