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Battle AX music app

Siblings Adam and Shaun Lee of Bohemian Guitars, funky and unique oil-can guitar makers, were thinking about a mobile game focussed around their core business, obviously for the purpose of brand promotion, marketing and retail.

They realized that mobile apps and games are some of the top ways to steal people’s attention (considering low attention spans these days), and this is what the brothers were wanted to do.

The Battle AX Idea is Born

Genius struck the brothers while they were sitting around with friends, jamming on a guitar and competing to judge better skills. They decided they wanted to make a simple guitar-centric game without any complication.

The brothers formulated a one-to-one guitar game where the players attempt to play a selected snippet and then challenge their friends or other players. In a game where the fastest and most skilled fingers win, they were able to stay true to the authenticity it takes to play a guitar.

The Bohemian Guitarists meet Click Labs

Shaun and Adam discovered Click Labs via Stewart Alsop of VoteChat, and knew they had met like-minded people.

After meeting with the Click Labs team, they felt they could easily relate their core values and visions with what they hoped to accomplish.


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