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As an Indie developer, you obviously want to make optimal use of the scarce resources at your command, including the money you spend on mobile advertising. So you can’t afford to make too many mistakes and learn through trial and error.

In the years to come, mobile advertising is expected to transform the marketing ecosystem in which it already has a strong foothold. According to experts, consumer reception, behavior and choice have undergone a significant shift in that direction. For some companies like Flurry, reach through mobile ads has overtaken Google’s.

To provide value in return for user attention, high-quality and targeted ads are crucial. Long-running campaigns with creative formats enhance user experience and achieve effective monetization results for various mobile apps. Developers and advertisers should, therefore, use experience-enriching and tasteful content for ads.

10 Mistakes Mobile Advertisers Commonly Make:

  • Poor quality and placement of ads on mobile devices
  • Not experimenting with different ad formats
  • Website ads run on mobile, lowering display ad quality
  • Developers don’t try interstitial ads
  • Lack of focus on location-based advertising
  • Poor conversion tracking analysis
  • Inadequate attention to contextual relevance
  • Not asking for immediate action
  • Ads not matched with user interface
  • Cost per click ads of poor quality

To learn how to avoid making these mistakes, download our free report.


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