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Attendance & Leave Management Like Never Before!

Are your employees waiting in a queue to clock-in? Does your HR receive requests for issuing temporary ID cards for clock-in? Well, what if we told you that your employees can clock-in using their smartphones?

According to research conducted by Samsung and GfK Public Communications and Social Science, 93 percent of the workforce uses a smartphone to accomplish work-related tasks every day.

So, why don’t you use these numbers to improve the attendance and leave management system of your organization? You may ask, is it really possible? Well, yes! With Juggernaut’s AI-powered HRM Attendance Bot, you can change the game! Juggernaut’s HRM Attendance Bot primarily focuses on three features:

Attendance Management

Companies either use RFID cards or biometric systems for employees to record their attendance. In case the employees forget their ID card or faces any technical difficulties, employees face the brunt of clocking in late and access issues. Using the HRM Attendance bot, employees can clock in and clock out within few seconds with simple commands like “in” and “out” respectively. The bot uses features like facial recognition and geofence marking to mark the attendance of the employee. Now, your employees can clock-in from anyplace on the office premises.


Well, that’s not all. Your employees can also view the number of hours they have worked for the day or even the month at any point of the day. With the “timesheet” command, employees can view the time clock for the day. Also, using the “report” command, employees will be able to see the timesheet of the entire month.


In addition to these features, the HRM Attendance Bot notifies managers about their team members’ status like when they have clocked in for the day and who are yet to arrive.

Leave Management

Forgot the time employees have to email their managers for requests like leave or work from home? And the nail-biting moment if the leave is approved or not. Also, such emails always inundated the manager’s inbox. Replying to these emails is also time-consuming. Well, your employees can now say good-bye to those monotonous emails. Using the HRM Attendance Bot, employees can request leave from anyplace any time. Employees can track their leave balance and apply for time off accordingly.

Leave and Leave Balance

The managers are immediately notified and can respond to the request. Employees receive the message as soon as their managers respond. It’s that simple.


Suppose your employee is at a bank to apply for a housing loan and he forgets to get a copy of the payslips. He has to either email the HR or wait until he gets access to a laptop or computer. As a result, it is time wasted to view a simple document. In addition to attendance and leave management, employees can view their payslip documents by using simple commands on our Attendance Bot.
Juggernaut understands the time spent every day on these mundane activities. That’s why we want you to say adieu to those traditional methods of time clocks and move forward with us!


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